Sample Questions for Pageant

1 Will  you be able to represent your state and how does it mean for you ?

2 What makes you different from other in looks & Styling ?

3 What are the basic requirements of a model ?

4 According to you who is a celebrity ? 

5 Can you be a celebrity & how will you prepare yourself to become a celebrity ?

6 Where would you like see yourself after 5 years ?

7 How will you impress jury in Pageant without speaking any word?

8 Differenciate between fashion show & beauty contest ?

9 What is the importance of Awards? Did you get any award before and how you feel after getting award?

10 Did you get any media coverage n for what purpose ?

11 What is Grooming n why is it necessary ?

12 After winning the title with whom you want to celebrate first & why?

13 Can this event makes you special among friends & relatives ?

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