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  • Being able to do things with your hair can be a great help when photographing. Of course, it is great when you have a professional hairstylist who can do some fabulous looks and keep every hair in place, but there may not be a budget for a hairstylist. So again it may fall to the model to be able to do her own hair.
  •  I have always thought shoulder-length hair was the most versatile. You can put it up, pull it back, comb it to one side, fluff it, curl it, or just leave it natural. 
  • Short hair locks you into one look, end of the story. Long hair can be fun to work with but not quite as flexible. 
  • Being able to restyle your hair can be very helpful on a shoot. You can check various magazines to see what they are doing and practice in a mirror.
  •  For most modeling purposes you don’t need to be incredibly creative with your hair – just so you can redo it to offer several different looks.
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  • Make-up is an art. I took my make-up classes from a lady who assisted on the movie Little Big Man. In that movie they took Dustin Hoffman from being a young teenager to a 100 year old man. What she could do with make-up was amazing. 
  • If a shoot has a budget for a make-up artist and a good one is available then we just sit back and let him do his magic. But on a shoot without a budget for a make-up artist or in some smaller towns where one is not available, it may well fall upon the model to do her own make-up. 
  • Even when you have a make-up artist it is necessary that you know of any corrective make-up you may need.
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  • For learning make-up there are some great books available. You may also find theatrical make-up classes taught at some community college. 
  • The cosmetologist at the local department store may be fine giving some pointers for your street make-up, but make-up for photography can be quite different. This is especially true for B&W photos. 
  • A big part of learning make-up is just trying it in front of a mirror. Study something in a book or magazine then try it in front of a mirror. Eventually, you have to get in front of the camera with your make up on and see how it looks.
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  • Make-up for black and white photography gets weird. Color no longer matters. It is only the lightness and darkness that matters. I guess it is a kind of a gothic thing. It takes some getting used to. You must ignore the color and only see the make-up in terms of black, white and grays.

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