1 Why do you want to join the film and fashion fraternity?
2 What do you think about the character of a man or woman?
3 After winning the crown or title or an award, what will be your reaction?
4 Have you ever been awarded for your looks or beauty? If yes then where? If no then what will you do about that?
5 What does success means for you and what you can do for it?
6 How did Priyanka Chopra started her career and what do you learn from her?
7 If you lose in any contest then how will you handle that situation in your life?
8 Who inspires you a lot & why?
9 Who is your ideal in the film and fashion fraternity and why?
10 Which celebrity life do you want to live? And why ?
11 Who is your favorite model & why?
12 Do you know any famous personality who is he/she?
13 What is your motive in your life?
14 Have you set any goals in your life?
15 Are parents important in your life?
16 Are your parents supporting you?
17 Are parents important in making your career? Why & why not?
18 Do you believe in God? Why and why not?
19 What do you think about women’s empowerment?
20 Are teachers necessary in your life?
21 Who is your favorite leader & why?
22 What is a fashion and who is your fashion icon?
23 Can you define the relationship?
24 Define love, which is best “Arrange Marriage” or Love Marriage?
25 Can your face explain your mood, mind & attitude?
26 What does success mean to you and what will you do for it?
27 Why did uh choose Dellywood’s “Beauty Contest”?

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